Our story

Created in 2017, we are a young and steadily data science organization dedicated to advancing scientific and medical discoveries through state-of-the-art data analysis, data mining, and artificial intelligence. With several years of experience, we specialize in multi-omics data integration, pipeline development, experimental design, and more.

The EISBM and its partners are already engaged in a wide range of national, European and international research programmes, some of which have already provided new insights into the mechanisms of various chronic diseases, including cancer, asthma, allergy and infectious diseases.

Our Mission

At EISBM, our team of accomplished scientists and data experts is well-versed in extracting valuable insights from complex datasets. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor innovative solutions to the unique challenges faced by biotechnology, pharmaceutical companies, research institutes and hospitals.

Why Choose Us

Data Science Expertise

EISBM offers unmatched expertise in scientific and medical data analysis, ensuring groundbreaking discoveries.

Tailored Solutions

EISBM delivers custom solutions for you, fast-tracking data delivery and fostering agile communication.

Collaborative Team

Our team of computer scientists, biologists, and data experts ensures comprehensive understanding and clear communication of results.

AI-Driven Innovation

Harnessing AI and machine learning, EISBM drives innovation, empowering transformative advancements in biology, medicine and health.

Our history

How it started

The EISBM (European Institute for Systems Biology and Medicine) is a not-for-profit association based in Lyon (France) created in 2017 by Charles Auffray (President).

We are focused on developing and applying informatics methods for data analysis, knowledge and information management. We participate in biomedical research projects supported by the European Commission such as PIONEER  or OPTIMA while offering our services and expertise to private and academic partners.

EISBM is specializing in medical research, dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to advance scientific knowledge and improve healthcare outcomes. Our core activities revolve around data analysis, systemic approaches, data management, and artificial intelligence.

Charles Auffray, President

Bertrand Boutron, Vice President

Meet our experts

Bertrand De Meulder

Research Director

Johann Pellet

Engineering Director

Nesrine Taibi

Administrative and project management officer

Ayman Hijazy


Albert Saporta


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