PIONEER – European Network of Excellence for Big Data in Prostate Cancer


Project reference: 777492
Funded under: H2020-EU.3.1.7. – Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 (IMI2)
From 2018-05-01 to 2023-04-30, ongoing project
More information: PIONEER website
PIONEER is a European Network of Excellence for Big Data in Prostate Cancer, consisting of 32 partners across 9 countries. By applying advanced data analytics, and developing a data-driven platform of unparalleled scale, quality and diversity, PIONEER will empower meaningful improvement in clinical practice, prostate cancer disease-related outcomes, and health-economic outcomes across the European healthcare landscape. PIONEER will assemble, standardise, harmonise and analyse high-quality big data from diverse populations of prostate cancer patients across different stages of the disease to provide evidence- based data for improving decision-making by key stakeholders.


PIONEER brings together valuable clinical Protate cancer (PCa) datasets and a complementary group of world-leading experts in clinical research, epidemiology, genetics, urology, big data science, health-economic research, and health-technology assessment with the leading European PCa professional (EAU and their Guidelines Office), and patient organisations (ECPC, Europa Uomo, UCAN). In this second-stage proposal, the consortium has further strengthened its position by the addition of the private partners (EFPIA), and the addition of Swedish Health Economics Institute (IHE). Finally, the PIONEER consortium is supported by a strong and multidisciplinary team of collaborators as well as an advisory board, built upon long-lasting collaborations and successful projects between consortium partners, including IMI projects (i.e. B4B, eTRIKS, EMIF, PFEFER, OHDSI, EHR4CR) and the pharmaceutical industry. PIONEER has the best team ensembled to tackle the current unmet needs in PCa as well as to establish the required sustainable research networks needed to answer the most important questions for future generations.

PREPARE Framework

EISBM PIONEER objectives

The EISBM leads the Data analytics WP (WP5): in collaboration with our partners, will provide a unique toolkit of standard and cutting-edge analytical methods for the analysis of big data sources (such as topological data analysis, multi-omics clustering, machine learning, partial least square regressions, genetic risk modelling), both from open-source and industry-developed methods. Moreover, having the availability of a unique data collection both in size and diversity, we will conduct prognostic analyses considering a range of variables, including genetic, demographic and clinical data, imaging results, PROMs and biomarkers as predictors of early endpoints (diagnosis, progression) and late outcome, including disease specific mortality and quality of life. Previously developed prediction models will be validated by comparison of observed to predicted outcome risks, with predictive performance summarised by measures for model fit, discrimination, and calibration. In addition, this unique data resource will allow us to develop new contemporary robust and generalisable prediction models including an extensive source of different types of biomarkers and outcomes. More advanced statistical techniques such as jointly modelling repeated measurements and event time data will be used and will enable better tailored decisions to individual (future) patients7. Finally, in WP5, we will further investigate the economic burden of PCa as well as measure acceptance and potential barrier in implementation of new knowledge. in the establishment of PATHOS: the flexible multidisciplinary platform for the rapid deployment of European harmonised large scale patient-oriented PATHOgenesis research Studies in response to severe ID outbreaks using a systems medicine approach.


PIONEER brings together 32 private and public stakeholders in prostate cancer research and clinical care from across 9 countries.

PREPARE Framework
PREPARE Framework

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